Jun 8

Time is money

because our time has been stolen from us

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Last time I got really high I recorded myself talking about how time is money because the capitalists have stolen our time from us. I’m sharing this segment of the recording with you even though I was really high and I sound absolutely unhinged. I just want you all to hear me out and I hope my writing clarifies what you just heard. What I mean by capitalists have stolen our time is that they have stolen the time that we would use to spend with each other, take care of each other, dance with each other, get high with each other, and they are forcing us to use that time to make them rich. They say the only way we are allowed to live is if we give them all our time because if we don’t, we will starve and die. It’s like a hostage situation, except this isn’t a movie, the hostages aren’t getting out alive, and Denzel Washington isn’t there to distract you with his hotness.

They have stolen our time and then they sell it back to us with this thing called money. That’s why I say time is money over and over again on the recording. I know Marx and other people who are much smarter than this high Brooklyn comedian said that we sell our labor, but I look at it differently. Who are you going to believe Marx or me, a comedian with a blunt? Nonetheless, selling something would mean that we own it, but we actually don’t own our time; hence, we don’t own our labor. When we are born our time is owned by capitalists and the government enforces this by kicking us out of our homes if we don’t pay rent, arresting us if we steal food, and then telling us that they are here to help. Technically they are not lying, they are here to help. Just not to help us.  

By forcing us to work for money for the things we need to live, capitalists are telling us that we have to buy time to live through our labor. That movie In Time, which I will confess is not the best of movies, really covers this well. That’s why my husband says, honey it’s a movie, at the end of the audio. I must warn you that Justin Timberlake is in the movie and I completely respect your decision not to watch after I revealed that. I’m not saying there was time that humans could just lay around and have grapes drop from the sky. I would love that world. Humans have always had to either grow their food or look for it. But growing your food and foraging is not a choice in this world where the government or private interests own every piece of land. Even if you wanted land, there is very little of a chance of most of us affording it because we are too busy paying ridiculous rent to live with 13 roommates and have to walk 5 blocks to clean our underwear. So, it’s either use your body to buy your time to live another day or die. I just realized that “live another day or die” sounds like a James Bond movie.

What’s additionally upsetting about our time being stolen is that they don’t even hold their end of the deal up. Instead of giving us the “money” they owe us, they steal from us. Wage theft is a huge problem and all corporations do it. If you want to see the list of all the companies stealing and how much they are stealing, there is an Excel doc that you can download from this page. Of course, the people who stole our time are also going to steal our “money”. It’s like trying to make a deal with Mr. Burns. He will burn you. The question is, what are we going to do about it?

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