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Feel the News is an anti-state, anti-capitalist, and pro-laughter news destination created by me (stand-up comedian Marcela Onyango). Through laughter, I hope to trigger the anarchism in every human. Subscribe to the newsletter below!

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Paying subscribers get the joy of knowing they are supporting me make the art that I want to make. Art that I really hope inspires people to want a world that prioritizes caring for each other.

Everyone gets every single new post starting 11/9/22. I used to have subscriber only posts but I couldn’t stand money being a barrier for people to enjoy what I create anymore. I was hoping a lot more people would ask for free subscriptions but a lot of people didn’t so it’s all open now.

I usually send two posts a week. A Sunday news rundown and a weekly delight. It’s a delight because it could be anything.

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Marcela Onyango
Marcela is a stand-up comedian and writer.
Feel the News
Feel the news is news with a sense of humor and anarchy from stand-up comedian and writer Marcela Onyango